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    Yamaha GP1300R vs STX15F (or something else)


    I'm new to the PWC world except from my old kawa 550 back in the 90s and a gpr800 a few years back.

    My plan is to start some racing. CC and (maybe) some offshore-racing aswell. My problem atm is 1; I dont own a jetski. 2; i really cant decide which one to buy

    I'm thinking about the gp1300r or the stx15f and here in sweden most people recommend the Kawasaki for CC-racing due to the better acceleration. Whats pros and cons with both models? What would suit me best as a newbie? (I know this is the yamaha part of the forums so I expect some colored answers )

    I could also go all out and buy a RXT-X, Ultra 250 or something like that. Would those models work in both offshore and CC? (with some mods?)

    Sorry about my english, I hope its understandable

    edit: is riva racing stage 1 kit okey in the stock class?

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    Well Robin i have both of those ski and only my 1300 is modded. There both 06's. You can see wat mods i have done and how fast its runnin. The 15f has alot of pull out of the hole and stock for stock the 15f was pullin like 2 an a half ski's until about 35 to 40mph and then the mid and top of the 1300 kicks in and its gone from there. With the mods the i have now the 1300 pulls a good length or 2 on the 15f. the 15f= 59 to maybe 61 1300= 63 to maybe 66 So hope i could help u get some starting info Good Luck

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