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    SL750-Aqua Perf-Retract-Boarding Steps

    The Rear boarding step on my ski departed and fell of and is somewhere in the bottom of our lake.
    I'm guessing it did not retract "flip back up" and the jet stream of water just tore it off of the ski.
    My question does anyone have suggestions on what fasterners to use when installing a new step.
    The holes are stripped out and larger than the screw size.

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    Look for AVK type fasteners, available from McMaster-Carr.

    These were used on some of the later year Polaris (Aqua-Performance) boarding steps.

    The manual installation tool is simple to use, and not expensive. There is a older thread on here somewhere discussing the AVK fasteners in regards to the MSX 140 boarding step.

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    After I posted I discovered the AVK fastners.

    And after retriving the ski from the water I figured I could do something better, so I cut away the sty-ro-foam (electric kitchen knife and hack saw blades) and lo and behold I was able to gain access to all of the holes.

    Now I'm planning on cleaning it all up and using an aluminum backing plate with rubber gasket material on the inside of the hull and seal it all up with 3M 5200 Sealant with stainless steel bolts and self locking nuts, complete with a new step.

    Incidently the Hull material thickness at the rear of a '95 SL 750 is pretty thin.
    Seems like the original instructions should haver recommended to cut away the foam and use bolts and nuts. We all learn.

    Hope this helps somone !!!

    Thanks for the reply

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