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    95 750SXI Tuning Problems

    Hi I have a completely stock 95 750 SXI and the only way I can get it to start is to pull the flame arrester off and chocke the carbs buy sticking rags in them. Once it starts it will start up for me everytime but once I put the flame arrester back on the motor will idle but bogs as soon as you hit the throttle. If I feather the throttle it will rev. Just rebuilt the carbs and still having the same problem. Could it be just as simple as the mixture screws being out of wack. Please help.
    Thanks, Jim

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    definately sounds like the low speed mixture screw needs asdjustment. i have a 94 kaw 750 xi cleaned out my carb screens and have the same issue... but things are much better now that i have reduced the low speed mixture and rasied the idle....

    is your choke adjusted properly..that could also create an issue altogether

    yea.. as you hit the throttle it bogs... sounds like too much fuel being pumped into the combustion chamber the engine can't burn it it bogs down as it enters

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