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    where to buy a few parts 93 sl 750

    Do any of you know where I can buy the nut and seal that holds the fuel tank lines. I don`t need the plastic piece the lines connect to, just the rubber seal and that plastic nut. everyplace I have seen doesn`t have them any more. Also I need the front exhaust mount if I don`t try to make one myself. I found some new ones online they are running 90 bucks for them . kinda on the pricey side if ask me, so I may just make one if I can`t find it cheaper.

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    Contact John Zigler here is his website.. Cya Slick

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    I've got the exhaust pipe brackets for $5 plus shipping.

    785 Lugs has new fuel sender caps. I doubt he has the gasket though.

    But yes, John Zigler is the man for used parts.

    Use the website above or contact him via E mail at [email protected]

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