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    Newbie needs help with msx 150


    New to forums and new to PWC in general. I had a Kawasaki X-2 back in the day, but a lot has changed since then

    I picked up a cheap MSX150 because the wastegate was frozen and the owner already replaced it with two new skis.

    I have searched on here and found other threads detailing how to free it up. I have managed with a wrench and some lube to get it to move. It does not move easy but will move with a wrench on it fairly well. I am going to continue to soak and exercise it.

    I have two questions: 1 The flush kit is new in the package and never installed, can anyone tell me what hose is supposed to be cut to install the kit?

    2. Can I ride the ski this weekend with a stiff waste gate? my plan is to bring my wrench and move the lever until I get full rpms, leaving the bellows disconnected. Any warnings or caveats before I try this?

    3. If I bite the bullet and decide to buy a new wastegate, how hard is it to install? Does it require removal of the engine?

    Hello to all and thanks for a great forum.

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    What are you using to free up the waste gate shaft?

    Have a look at this thread.

    Apparently ATF (automatic transmission fluid) diluted with acetone is an effective combination. Kano Kroil and Liquid Wrench aren't bad either.

    WD-40 is not much use for this sort of problem.

    If you search for wastegate, you should find some informative threads.

    I think the wastegate is an integral part of the manifold. You can get a refurb'ed manifold from a few places. One is Jay (4strokepolaristech) on here, who modifes the wastegate to allow for better oiling.

    Another good source for Weber engine stuff is Randy at Watcon.

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    I did the search for waste gate and found several threads. One of them gave me the idea of using a piece of rag as a wick to hold the lube in contact with the parts longer. Which seemed to give me the initial movement.

    I am using a combination of a product called LRP and the acetone and transmission fluid mixture. My mechanic buddy suggested that, he says all his old school engine rebuilders use it religiously.

    The LRP is similar to PB blaster, and I use it because it's non toxic and easier to spray on there as opposed to dripping my mixture out of a poland spring bottle.

    I agree WD-40 is useless for this type of problem.

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