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    Few more questions

    Thanks for all your guy's help on the 96 GTX

    Definately will be doing premix on the seadoo as the price on the pump I was bidding on jump pretty high.

    1. Premix.... what ratio I keep reading different things 40:1 45:1 50:1
    2. I noticed a leak under the tuned pipe on the bolt side, I got a new gasket but should I stick some orange rtv on there as well?
    3. I noticed an air bubble in the oil line going to the RV assembly, do I need to bleed this out?

    I took the carbs out again to do a look over. I was afraid of taking the jets out and cleaning the passages
    4. Do they just snug up or do they adjust?
    5. The high speed adjustment doesn't look like it has moved and still has the caps on them, so I will probably leave them alone. I took the low speed adjusts and turned them in and did 1 1/4 turn from close and they were no were near what the use to be, is this the correct adjustment stock?

    I think that is all I got for now, possibly more later thanks

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    Oh yea one more question, the plate that holds the flame arrestor had some red goo for when it bolted up to the carbs, there was no gasket or anything. SHould I apply some type of gasket to this when I re-install it?

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    any help please

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