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    attn: yama-gurus

    i have a customer that wants to modify his GP1300. he has approx 2500 to spend. what mods would you recommend? please be brand specific. biggest bang for the buck stuff. i was thinking efi controller, intake grate, ride plate, flame arrestor, prop, ???????

    race tech

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    What year 1300? Does He have the 05 pump?

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    sent you a PM Rotax.

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    I'd say it's important to start with the basics; Pump Plug Kit, D-plate and chip, Jetworks mod, PET 2100 Tachometer, R&D 2 bar intake. I'd say thats one of the best places to start. From there I added Riva rec heads, a prop from Carl at Island Racing, an EFI controller, Delta V-Force reeds, a Riva race filter and a 3 degree keyway. I ride in pretty rough water most of the time and the stock plate is generally regarded as best for rough water hookup. I'm sure 90% of the guys around here are running a modified R&D or Riva plate though. There's no doubt that they are faster than the stock plate. I'm running at a mile high (5280 feet) and I love this setup. I can only imagine what lower altitude performance would be like. That's my opinion. Good luck.

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    Welcome Mark,
    Nice to see you tinkering with a Yami
    Here are some good basic mods. Ben Herman can correct me if I am wrong or missing anything, but these are pretty much the mods that Ben used on Paul T's non ported 1300 to run 75-76mph.

    Milled or after market head
    R&D D-Plate (supposed to be good for 50 more rpms)
    Fercho VF3 reed set up with spacer (suppossed to be good for 80-130rpms)
    Fercho Jetworks mod
    3 deg keyway
    EFI controller
    R&D ride plate - modded by Jim
    R&D double bar intake grate (dont use the stock for over 70, you will get pitched)
    05 pump set up w/85mm nozzle. Remove and blockoff syphin tube out of noozle(suppossed to be good for 80 rpms). Add bilge or duck bills to remove excess water.
    dynafly 14/20
    Pump plug kit
    stepped stock sponsons (you can get aftermarket later )

    You and Jerry are buds, I am sure he can get you some good deals on some of these parts.

    Good luck with the Yami

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    Mark, JetskiDaddy is right on the money. P.M. if you need
    more details. There some stuff you can do without and still
    go fast.

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