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    What is this and is it necessary?

    01 GTX:

    Finishing going through my carbs and was running some carb cleaner through the larger of the two lines that runs to the accellerator pump when it shot back out at me as if it had some sort of blockage. I pinched the hose and was able to work out this little brass restrictor that was just friction fit in the line. Used to do stuff like this with motorcross bikes back in the day but never heard of it in use in this line. This is NOT a jet but fuctions similarly. What the heck is it there for and is it necessary or should I take it out? I tried to take a picture of it but it's too small to focus on. Any ideas?

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    put it back, the ski won't run correct


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    Thanks TLR,
    I knew it had to be there for a reason.

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