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    Exclamation Raffle tickets

    We are selling raffle tickets to benefit The Family & Friends For Freedom Fund.

    We have 15 prize packages and have posted them on our website under the "Raffle Prize List" tab, please take a moment and check out all the great prizes!

    All info is there as well. Thank you

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    Why did you sign up under a different name to post this raffle?

    Why not use your regular user name of Easternpariverrunners?

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    Hi Len,

    That's not my registration, thats my wife. When she logs on she uses her info. It keeps things a bit more in order on our end of things that way.


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    Raffle tickets are now on sale!!

    Donations: 1 - $5.00 and 6- $20.00

    There are 3 ways to donate:
    -check made payable to the Family & Friends For Freedom Fund
    -First Giving widget

    Once you make your donation please send email to [email protected] with your name, address and phone number, so I may mail your raffle tickets.

    Thanks to all our sponsors we have 15 prize packages. You may go to and look under the Raffle Prize List for all details.

    Would you be able to give a little to those who gave so much?

    Thank you.

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    We just added 2 more prize packages for a total of 17 prize packages.

    We just received a Leather POW/MIA Jacket from Sgt Grit and some other items.

    Go to and under the Raffle Prize List you can check out all the prize packages. While you are there you can learn how you can donate to this great cause and be enetered into the raffle at the same time.


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    We've received more merchandise for the raffle, so please take a moment and check out all the prize packages at and click on the Raffle Prize List tab.

    The raffle tickets are still on sale until Friday August 14th. Please consider donating to this great cause and in doing so you will be entered into a raffle with 17 prize packages.

    All information is on the website on how to donate.



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    10 days left

    10 days left to get your raffle tickets!

    Please help our wounded Marines and service men and women by donating to this great cause, you will be entered into a drawing with 17 prize packages.

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    Tomorrow night is the raffle drawing!

    I would like to thank all those who purchased tickets that helped our wounded heroes.

    Check our website on Sunday for the list of winners.

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