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    Finally, Got my 02 SC GTX working right!!!

    I had this thing for what seems like a year and I have been working on it on and off, well after i put the SC engine in it I had alot of problems, well the last problem was that pesky p-1502 err (think) its a TOPS err, well I couldnt figure it out, so about 5 months later (this week) i desided to work on it.

    Well I always got to err and limp mode, I replaced the tops valve the sensors on the fill neck and I even tryed changeing the ECU, but while I was changeing the ECU back I noticed that little black box on the front of the ECU mount was fallen, then I remembered that i never but the bolt that holds it, back on. Well I put it on and up right, then i finished putting the ECU on and put the key in and NO chk eng light!!! (goose bumps) Finally, I can belive it! I havent water tested it yet but it was working great before that fell off so I think it's done.
    Now I can put more than 2 hours on it.

    On a side note, the reason I had stopped working on it was cause I have a 2000 Maxum SCR 2400 and I had to pull the engine out and replace it with a 350ci, the 305 had a freeze damaged block, so y not the upgrade while i was at it.
    that thing has storys of it's own.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me over time, I just thought you deserved to know whats going on.

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    i remember!! so is it really all fixed?
    dont forget basic maintenance, like oil change, fuel stabilizer, fogging, cuz it sounds like you been sitting a while.

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