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    Help! Loss of RPM's on 150 Speedster

    I have a 2007 150 Speedster with a 155HP engine which is only running up to about 6200RPM’s vice the 7300RPM’s it should be at +/- 50RPM’s. Also I GPS my boat at 49MPH last year and this year it will only get up to 39.8MPH per the GPS which is a loss of about 10MPH. My speedo read very close to my GPS.

    At the end of last season I ingested a small rock so I recently replaced the Wear Ring and installed a new Solas SR-CD-11/19 impeller and new wear ring. My stock impeller had the blades chewed up a little and the wear ring had a few grooves in it. While the The dealer had me boat he hooked it up to his computer and said there were no error codes and then he performed a Gauge Cluster software upgrade. He also adjusted my throttle cable which gave me about a 100RPM gain

    After I replaced both the impeller and wear ring I did notice that it did not bleed off speed in turns as fast as I did with the stock impeller. But I still only get up to about 6200RPM max. So all the dealer really did is update my gauge cluster and take my money as my problem is still there.

    I did notice that I have about an inch of dead space at the beginning of my throttle handle and about an inch of dead space and the top end of my throttle handle is this normal? At the throttle body on the engine there does not seem to be any slack on the throttle cable.

    My engine seems to be running smooth with no noticeable problems so what could be causing me to lose about 1200RPM’s from my 155HP 4TEC engine?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Does the throttle actually fully open? or is there so much slack that it cannot fully open the throttle plates? open the throttle fully and look at the plate and see if it is fully open or if it can open further

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