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    Honda dealer that sucks!!

    I picked up F15-X from the dealer and they had the bottom and side of my boat all banged up and scratched!!!! I pointed it out and they said they didn't do it. Do not deal with Honda Extreme in Edmonton Alberta. The service department also over filled my oil by almost 2 liters.
    They dont seem to care any about what is going on.

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    dude don't take delivery on a boat that's scratched or banged up or any of that sh!T!

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    could it have been crate damage?

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    It sounds like it was in for service when the damage occurred... Ron

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    Yea I had it in for pulling to the right. Should have done it my self!! Thought that it being warranty that it would give the dealer a few buck instead I got the rod in the ass.

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    Well have to admit that the dealer did a good job on fixing the damage they did. Do a walk around you're unit before you drop it off.

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    So, they eventually admitted liability and repaired it for you?

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