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    Mikuni 44s on a stock 1200 ?

    Anybody try this? We were wondering where to start off the jetting.
    The boat is a stock Genesis with Hotseat intakes and maybe some Vforce reeds. We took a set of 44s off an old 785 motor and will space the carbs with a fuel rail and some linkages from a radio control car set.
    Now we just need a starting point to jet the carbs.

    Any ideas?


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    James ,
    Which way are the diaphrams facing ???

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    Contact Sirhc7897 on these forums. He's already done it and i believe he may be able to help you out with that.

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    Lugs, I think you mean the intakes which are facing up. We are using Hot Seat intakes and they make the 90 degree turn. (I am not the mechanic)

    I sent PM to SirHc7897 thanks 1Fastxc.

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    i think sirhc ran the pumps out towards the hull.somebody on this forum has some triple pipes which i've been told will fit the genesis as well.virage tx triple pipes.and maybe rlharrison has them but are they for sale???

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    Chris ran 125H 115L all the way around with his 44 Mikunis. Don't know what he was running for needle/seat and spring. He was running a modified cooling system, so he didn't require staggered jetting. I had some of his notes when I was going to do the same thing. Not sure if he's very active around here anymore.

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