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    Question 1999 polaris slth waverunner is it worth rebuilding

    Being new I have the oppertunity to purchase a 1999 POLARIS SLTH WAVERUNNER for $450.00. The guy blew a piston and bent a rod. He has engine out of ski right now. New seat cover typical scratches and dings.

    My question is how difficult is it to get parts for it? And is it worth it to rebuild? Was the a good ski?

    Any in put would be real helpful.

    Thanks guys

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    really need some opinons

    Really not sure about this ski. Would someone please help with an opinon on wheather this ski is worth buying and rebuilding

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    SLTH = SLTX with less ponies

    Have owned a SLTX for 5 years. The ski's have the same hull, but SLTH has the 700 engine (95 hp vs 120 hp). Fun ski to ride. This was the last year Polaris used this hull style. It digs in hard and comes around fast on the turns. Its a little better on fuel burn and parts for the 700 are everywhere. Crank will run about $275. Easy engine to overhaul. My average overhaul cost has been around $700 (parts and machining only).

    The down side is that it is not worth as much as the SLTX. Look on and for value. The replacement for these skis was the Virage series. I own 2 TXi's and a 95 hp Virage. The 95 hp is a kick to ride as it is lighter and easier to horse around. The Txi's walk away from the 95 hp and are great cruzing machines.

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