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    Whats going on here?

    Hi everyone.I have a 2004 gp1300r and i just replaced the stock intake grate with a double bar R&D and did the pump plug kit,everything went good with the instalation.I took it out for the first time today and now when i give it full throttle out of the hole it acts like the impellar is out of the water when i take off because the impellar spins and my rpms go way up but im not hooking up and going anywhere.It never did this untill i did these two mods,whats happening here.I never did remove the pump unit or the driveshaft so i know I didnt mess nothing up there.Is it because i still have the stock ride plate on?Any help would be greatly appreciated,Thanks.

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    Did you check to see that its a 1200 grate,not the 800 grate?

    Did you follow the instructions for sealing a pump on this forum?

    Did you check to see that nothing is stuck in the pump tunnel,like weeds,brush etc...?

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    put an after market prop in your boat!

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    I beleive its the 1300 grate from the site store,and i did follow all instuctions for the pump plug kit from the forums on the site,what aftermarket prop would i get.Also is that whats causing it,dont want to spend the money if its not the problem.Its the grate for $107.00 on the site store.Says its for gp1200 and gp1300.Pump tunnel is clean of any debris.

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    what did you seal the pump shoe with? did you seal well between the pump shoe and transom? this will cause your issue.

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    Rear of the pump shoe to transom plate comes with a felt seal from the factory. They dont ever last and if you dont seal that area with 5200/4200/or whatever it can cavitate bad.

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    I used 5200 3M fast cure,i sealed everything up real good just like the post said in the how to section.I was not shy when using the sealant,i didnt overdue it but i put enough on.

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    Cant have anything to do with having the stock ride plate on yet can it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zxiripper View Post
    Cant have anything to do with having the stock ride plate on yet can it?

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    post some pics of your pump shoe. pics are worth a thousand words.

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