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    Anti Rattle Cone

    I finally got sick & tired of listening to that damn rattle sound on my 96 Sea Doo GSX pump & purchased one of those Anti Rattle Cone kits.

    I assembled everything, installed new pump oil (no leaks), started her up & after a while I heard that rattle sound again.

    What's up with that? I know I installed it correctly.

    Any thoughts?

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    Got the same results, guess that is just part of it.......
    You should hear my GTXL, sounds aweful.

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    Hit the Rear Flywheel Zirk fitting with some Synthetic Grease. Not too much, just enough to see the Drive Shaft move 5mm's backwards and expand the Grease Boot.
    (you don't want to damage the Grease Boot)

    This pushes back on the Drive Shaft against the Carbon Seal (which helps keep the pre-load on the Seal tight) and in-turn, presses against the Jet Pump internal Drive Shaft and against the Spring you installed in your Anti-R Kit.

    They will all still rattle a little out of the water (no load condition), but this helps...

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    Great advice, appreciate the input.

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