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    I'm Happy.............

    Well since I've had my tripple going I been neglecting my 1500 single, the one I'm trying to sell, well today I took the single out for a few runs. My 78mph that I been claiming is no more, 1/4 tank of gas about 72-73 little wind.............and with-out a FF Jim's plate, you heard it right. Did two runs one was 80.4 and the other was 80.1 That 5k I had is no more 5k, sticking with the origanil price of 6k with the trailer, you guys can't beat that.........

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    This needs to be in the classifieds bud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pistonwash View Post
    This needs to be in the classifieds bud.
    Oh it's in there Mike, Just reporting on it's two-stroke performance

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    73 degrees, wow, you guys get all the good weather this time of year..You dont wanna know how hot and slow it is in florida now..80 mph ski for 6k is a steal..

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    Nice I got my first run today on my ski felt good to get it back in the water and it broke 70 on its second run but needed more pitch it was hitting the rev limiter.

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    Good speeds Frank, Not to bad at 135 psi and 87 octane motor
    setting on the seat.
    Man it was 102 today with about 110 degree heat index and climbing. Thats enough to kill any engine, but my single piper can still turn a Dynafly prop over 8000 rpms.

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    Peter O Knight Airport
    Lat: 27.92 Lon: -82.45 Elev: 8
    Last Update on Jul 4, 10:05 am EDT


    90 F
    (32 C) Humidity: 75 %
    Wind Speed: W 6 MPH
    Barometer: 30.05"
    Dewpoint: 81 F (27 C)
    Heat Index: 109 F (43 C)
    Visibility: 10.00 mi

    Here are the st pete weather numbers at 10am this morning. Humidity like i have never felt it here..Dewpoints over 80 are stifling to both man and machine! Sweatbucket florida..

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    I hope you didn't sell me a slow plate, Frank. We'll see....

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