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    1100 Waveraider carbs

    I got the stock carbs on my bike. got a couple of questions.

    (1) What size are they?

    (2) What sizes are recommended for a 65 mph ski on 87 or 89 pump gas?

    (3) What type of prices am I looking at? Be easy on my wallet please....

    (4) Should I get used or new?

    (5) What up with those airfilters on skis like peavlers and raider? Expect better performance, but what do they do?

    Damn.....bear with me fellas....I know I sound like a real newb...and everyone is laughing at my dumb questions. Just need some help.

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    BUMP up

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    1100 has 38mm mikuni carbs the 1200 has 44mm carbs.
    Most who build the 1100 motor turn it into a 1200 motor its quite easy.
    Get rid of the 1100 carbs and manifold and get a set from a GP1200 not a GPR.
    You will need to add pulse lines for the carbs as well.
    Start a thread on building your ski and all the Raider guys will pitch in and tell you how to get that Raider over 65 mph
    Your crank is good your cases are good (need pulse lines) you need 1200 carbs or 46mm mikunis get a set of 1200 cylinders and pistons and you have a 1200 motor.
    You will want to swap out the electrical system as well and I think the 1100 Raider has the same pump already.
    Might as well raise the compresion while your at it as well.

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    pm me for a cyl with porting; i have pulse fittings; and i have a spare set of carbs with updated check valve bodies. Not on here much so pm or email.

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