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Thread: IC MOD ?

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    IC MOD ?

    Hey guys where is the IC mod info 250X 2007. I cant find it,And is it still working good for everybody ? AZLawson

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    Thanks Bud,Has anybody did this mod and will give me some feed back on it.There was another IC Mod .This one is an upgrade fron the past one? AZLawson

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    Coming from a "newbie" and my experience ...yes this mod works. I noticed the ski runs as fast after a full day of running, as it would prior on low fuel right off the trailer. I've yet to do a mod that was recommended on here that hasn't helped.

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    Thanks Bud for the info I just need some input before I do it.This web site has fell off since Skipp left.I wish a couple more people to give me there input. AZLawson

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    The other IC mod required additional holes to be drilled in the hull. That scared a lot of people off.

    The dual bottom IC mod wont necessarily give you more speed, but it will keep you from losing performance during hot temps. These ski's are affected by running in hot temps.

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    Thanks Bud ! !

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