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    750sl solenoid/magnetic switch

    What kind of solenoid can i use (other than polaris oe) on my 95sl 750? I refuse to pay 50 plus dollars for a solenoid. hell I can get one for a lawn mower for 10. what makes these so special. they aren't waterproof, they are in the waterproof electrical box. can i just use one with the dimensions that will fit? looks like they didn't want you to change them anyway. 2 of the wires are soldered on. gimme some help guys.

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    Try getting a used for around $20???

    John Zigler has them I'm sure.

    Besides, what makes you think it's the solenoid?

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    I think it's the solenoid because the solenoid has power to it and when you push the starter switch you get power from the switch to the solenoid which should thus trigger power out of the other side of the solenoid to the starter. It does not. I can put hot straight to the starter and turns over. This is exactly what happened to my boat and my lawn mower in the past, thus leading me to believe that I probably have a faulty solenoid.

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    That does sound like a faulty solenoid then.

    Try John Zigler for good used parts.

    r[email protected] is his E mail.

    There's more contact info for him on here somewhere.

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    John Zigler is one source for good used parts.

    Click the first link below for more parts sources

    Other brand solenoids can be used, as long as the coil doesn't draw too much current, and it is electrically the same as the OEM part. There should be no internal connection between the coil and the heavy contact studs.

    And of course it needs to fit inside the electrical box without shorting anything else.

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