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    2001 polaris virage electrical problem

    i need help with a polarcat... i am currently a tech at a seadoo dealership, we work on seadoos, kawasaki jet skis, n boats of all kinds... so im pretty familiar with electrical diagnostics etc... but ive been working on my dentists polaris virages... they sat up for a few years so i basicly made sure compression was good, cleaned fuel tanks, carbs n filters n clipped the lines... with one of the skis, i put a new batt. on n started it after the work... started n ran great on trailer... so i shut it down n took it to the lake for a test ride.... well when i got there, i hit the switch n nothing happened .. then the display lit up completely... (all the digital marks were filled... leaving it to show full tanks gas n oil etc and clock reads 1888.. everything is lit) well i cant get anything to work.. so i went back to the shop, n started running down the problem... i have voltage at the solenoid, 12.4 v... checked for a signal to the solenoid.. good... even took the solenoid from the good ski js to make sure... no good... all fuses ok, bilge works... grounds all good... no major voltage drop, kill switch on bar opens n closes normally, so i unhooked the batt n left it laying for a few hrs... came back... reconnected the batt n the display went to normal... i hit the start switch.... bam.... started up n ran again.... shut it off... and the problem started all over again.... how frustrating!.... the display shows everything lit up n nothing happens... the only thing ive somewhat came to conclude is the voltage regulator ... from what i can gather it has a stop circuit inside... at least thats what i see from the diagrams.. someone please help me... is this a common problem with these skis.... n sorry to have written a book..... thanks a bunch...

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    Please let us know which model Virage you are working on ( Virage-Virage I-TX-TXI )
    The LR 505 acts as the start-stop switch and voltage regulator. But also works with the Display ( which has the securty function)

    Make sure the red/purp wires have 10.5 volts or better when cranking-jump the solenoid. A weak batt or bad connection will cause you to chase your tail.

    Try switching the LR 505.

    If not ,try to switch the Display,read how it functions in the on-line service manual,I'm not sure if you will need to enter the security code.

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