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    What could be screwed up?

    Just my luck.... just ready to pack up our 09 FX HO Cruisers. Friend wants to try them so they ride around for 5 minutes. Not crazy or anything. All of a sudden they have almost no forward thrust past idle. Above 5 k rpm ski shakes like a out-of-balance washing machine.

    Figure ok.. must have sucked up some weeds .. pull the ski out and can't see anything in the intake grate or anything looking back towards the impeller...

    Still vibrates like crazy past idle and hardly any forward movement....

    thinking sucked up some stick and bent/broke impeller? bent shaft?? any ideas?

    All shops are closed for the 4th and can't get an appointment for at least a week at local dealers...

    seems if it weren't for bad luck...

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    probably have a small stick caught on the impeller.

    Bump the starter once to get it where you can see it from underneath. pull it out with LONG needle nose plyers,

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    I had a rock jammed between the impeller and the wear ring on an old waverunner once. Had to get it up on it's side and dig it out with a stick before I could ride it back across the lake. on the way back the starter took a dump, I sold that POS rather than fix it.

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