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    Limp Mode - MFD does not display fuel level

    I have a 98 SLH 700. I just put in 5 gallons and the guage does not show the bars on the left. The oil and other readings are fine. The ski idles but will not take off.

    I had emptied the fuel completely then refilled the tank (same day). If the float is stuck shouldn't it at least show something on the MFD?

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    Welcome to Green Hulk.

    I would imagine you should have a reading with 5 gallons.
    Was the gauge working before?
    The most commom fuel gauge failure is the float becoming fuel logged and not floating anymore.
    Remove the float,put it in a cup of GAS. If it sinks ,you can buy a float from Randy at .

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    Update: I suspected this. I took out the guage and shook it untill the float went to the top. I put it back in and started the ski. the guage then read 1/2 tank. It was apparently stuck in the bottom. This did not fix the problem. The ski still will not get past idle. It starts fine but will not go. My next step is to check compression. I will do this when the temp outside gets in the 80's. Too hot in TX these days.

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