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    95 kawa sts 750, did the engine blow?

    Well, my new to me kawa 750 jet ski was running great, life was good, until at about 2/3 throttle the engine was slammed to a halt, I mean 5000 rpm to 0 in a nanosecond. Shore inspection showed a front spark plug knocked loose with gap closed up as though the piston had smacked it.
    No hole in piston that I can see, but engine is seized and I see bits of Aluminum bits are on the piston top.

    IS this order a rebuilt motor time, or is there some chance the bottom end is
    Ok? I don't understand how the piston can slap the plug short of a rod letting go. This engine was changed with a rebuilt unit a year ago

    Your comments are appreciated.

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    Most times when the plug is slammed close the bottom rod bearings let go and the needles end up blow to the top end thru the ports and bang between the head and piston. You could have a melted and broke piston as this was a problem. Either way it has to be tore down. Check the rod for up and down play.

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