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On this Fourth of July, only a short note. As we memorialize our Nations birth it is a point of honor and gratitude that we recall the quest to embrace and engage in risk that forward momentum and a new horizon be found for those willing to set foot and family on a leakey ship.

The amount of passion, victory, birth and new life that is our country, well it all began with that first risk taker. There is much ado about American Imperialism these days. I just returned from a short visit to camp Pendleton and a Navy corpsman told me about one of his tours off Somalia as we worked night time, off Oceanside with K38 Rescue. The bulk of his time there had been spent doing humanitarian work on a scale that only our Military could do. He told me that “If I ever make a lot of money, I now know how I will spend my life” He had a freshening of his horizon as his ship sailed into the void. His life story had affected me profoundly.

The reality is this: the foundation of our country is based on of a diverse number of people who were willing to engage extreme risk and all the hardships and joys associated with that element in order to establish a new realm of possibility, a new horizon. That has never changed. Today more than ever we need this.

Again, Seth Godin was writing what I was thinking.

I hope that you celebrate like mad today, and memorialize and give thanks and embrace the far horizon. We as a nation have everything to gain and everything to lose as we sail into what will become a new world. Choose well.

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Generational Aircraft


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We are another year older: Hoooo Rah! Let’s go, the horizon beckons.
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I spent the past week training USMC Recon Devil Dawgs at Camp Pendleton. God Bless America. Be good to one another.