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    Question Replaced fuel lines/cleaned carb, now what?

    I replaced the fuel lines and oil lines in my 2001 Virage 700cc, but now I'm having trouble getting fuel and oil through the lines.

    Does anyone have any tips for "priming" the oil/fuel lines?

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    As far as the fuel lines, what I did was just take out the spark plugs and turn the motor over until all the fuel lines and water separator filled up with fuel. That should help keep from wearing the battery down so much trying to crank it for so long.

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    I already had the fuel water seperator filled up with gas and there is gas in all the lines, but there is an air bubble right before it enters the carb and it just sits there while I crank the motor.

    There is air in the oil line right before the pump and right after the pump. I tried cranking for minutes while holding the oil pump wide open.

    How do you "bleed" the lines? Can you? I don't want to keep cranking my motor for a couple minutes at a time, that cannot be good for it.

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    Are you sure you have the lines in the correct places on the carbs? The carbs internal pump should pull the fuel pretty quickly.
    I've misplaced the lines before.
    I'd also reccomend running premixed fuel till ya know the oil pump is doing its thing.

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    I will double check the lines... but I went off of what the diagram from the manual showed. There is even fuel in the line that goes directly from the water fuel seperator to the "in" on the carbs fuel pump.

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    So I don't if I have my lines hooked up correctly or not... but I changed the pulse line with the fuel line hoping I just had those hooked up wrong... the photo shows after I switched the pulse line and the fuel in line.

    After doing that I started getting fuel exiting the carb through the return line.

    Some one please help!

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    So i went outside to give it another shot at starting and it cranked right up and the oil sucked right into the carb. I did have the wrong fuel lines connected, but when you look at fuel line diagram it looks like the hose is connected to something different. so FYI to others with the 2001 virage, the bottom "brass" fitting is your fuel in.

    It runs!!!

    Now my only question is, which hose goes to which port on the water fuel seperator??

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