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    Where to ride in Virginia?????? FRESHWATER

    anyone know anywhere to ride our skis thats freshwater!!?? im so frustrated because I cant seem to find anything. I live in Gloucester VA. (near VA beach, hampton, williamsburg) thanks very much

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    You don't wanna ride salt...and you live that close to the beach and the ICW?


    Road trip to Anna or the Potomac north of the 301 or come out my SML.

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    yea man i just wanna be where theres no waves at all. i love how smooth the water feels with no wave. where are you at eactly. did u say smc?? (the last thing in your post)

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    Smith Mountain Lake is my home water.

    As for riding on glass.....get up early in the morning....on any of the places I mentioned....after about 9am...the breeze will pick up and the mixing bowls start earning their names.

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    Have you ridden any of the ICW? A lot of that is sheltered and an early ride is all glass....for miles.

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    i live in hampton and ride nothing but salt -- there are to many rivers and creeks here to not beable to find smooth water ----at back river there is long creek -- and go past langley airforce base go under the bridge and there is plenty of smooth water there --- go up proq. river and there are plenty of places there --- york river go up to the paper mill smooth water there -- or wormly creek smooth there also --- to many places in this area to say there isn't smooth water in the salt

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    no ICW ....dude i dont even know what that it a watercraft club?? race??

    tHANKS for the suggestions as to where to go

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    Sounds like you're in homebrew's back yard.

    Buy a nav map and look for the Inter Coastal Waterway.....I'm telling you.... coupla years ago I had a blast...miles of flat water....miles.

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    Northwest river : put in at bob's fishing hole - you may run into a few "bassholes" but the water is a lot of fun with lots of islands to cruise around, you can run all the way down to NC and the sound if your gas holds out.

    Lake Anna and Lake Gaston are good but get busy.

    The ICW has a lot of pleasure and commercial traffic this time of year.

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    Any other spots closer to the beach side? I usually take my ski out at the great bridge locks. There is plenty of glass there.

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