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    2000 GP1200R Start Question

    Not sure what's going on. One of my daughters said she hit the start button by mistake when turning off the engine today. She told me it stopped running and then would do nothing when trying to restart. I had to tow her in and figured the starter may have jammed into the flywheel. At the dock, put in the safety key deal and pushed the start button figuring I hear something. But, I got no response. The computer doesn't come on and the power valves don't do their normal noise prior to starting. It's completely dead. I checked the two fuses on the brain pack deal and they are fine. The battery is at full power. Anyone have a clue as two what to check? Is there another main fuse somewhare?

    any help appreciated.

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    1999 Yamaha 1200

    Hate to ask you this but where is the brain pack. I have same problem?

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    turns out that apon closer inspection of the yellow fuse, it looked a bit warped. it still looked good as it didn't burn through but i replaced it. that's all that was wrong. also, be sure to place it in the "exact" spot. i pushed it in the holder spot but it was on the side a bit. still now power so i though shit...... but looking at it again i saw it wasn't in line with the red fuse. so pulling it out and lining it up - bingo - got electrical power

    hope your as lucky as me.

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    lol, at least was an easy fix.With fuses as cheap as they are just replace and leave no doubt, sometimes ya never know.

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