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    Need wisdom on 96 Polaris slt700 with problems

    Hello, I recentl bought a 96 sly 700 that has a cracked exhaust manifold ear where it mounts to the engine, rear cylinder. Front cylinder has 65 psi compression, rear cylinder with cracked manifold has 125 psi. Ski starts and runs ok, sounds pretty good.

    This is a second ski and will not be ridden hard. So what to do? Options seem to be:

    Replace cracked manifold and run it, (I do not know whether it will damage the engine with one cylinder with low compression).

    Above and put rings the low compression cylinder( it seems east on this twin to pull the head and cylinder, am I missing.)

    Your ideas are appreciated. I have done slot with four strokes, but mostly just cussed two strokes.

    Or. ???

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    I'd contact member John Zigler to find a replacement (used) manifold. His email is [email protected]. He has a LOT of used parts for great prices and is an outstanding guy to deal with.

    Fortunately (for me) I've never had to rebuild a cylinder, but I've heard it's not that hard. The guys on here who have done it are probably going to tell you to rebuild that cylinder.

    You can probably buy parts from some of the guys on this site (maybe even John Zigler) and do it yourself with some technical help from the wonderful people here.

    Good luck.

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