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    yamaha gp800 help

    my brother and i bought a 2000 yamaha gp800 from a friend of mine a few weeks ago and yesterday we took it to the beach finally , it started right away my brother was ridin as usual and then when it was my turn i hit the gas and the Rpms went really high but the waverunner wont go pass 4 mph , it goes up to 4 mph but the rpms reach the top .... we tried for a while hoping it was nothing bad but this is out first waverunner and we dont know what to look for .... can anybody please help us ? or let us know what might be wrong with it ... thanks a lot....

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    Get under the ski and look in the pump it sounds like you sucked something up.

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    i ll do that tomorrow first thing in the morning i hope thats what it is and anything too serious

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    Hope it is just something in the pump. If all looks clear, it could be the driveshaft coupling splines. There is a short shaft from the back of the motor which mates with the main drive shaft using a male/female spline arrangement, and these splines can corrode and strip (like my XL1200 did last year,after 8 years). It acted like yours - plenty revs but very little movement forward. Don't panic, it's not a massive job, and all the info you need is on G/H to do the job yourself. I may be wrong with this, and it may just be weed or something, but it sounds familiar!

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    yes i agree check the intake grate for sea weed and anything clogged in the pump

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