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    water spray in engine compartment

    Finally got ski out after installing new engine in xll1200. ran great for a minute but then bogged a bit. Opened the seat and saw water spraying from below the stinger near the back. Any suggestions on where it may be coming from? The spray got bigger when you rev it. Thinking I just missed tightening a hose clamp or something. Spray looked like it was down near the shaft. Didn't get a good change to look yet. Hoping it is something simple and I can reach without taking out the stinger.

    I will get into it tomorrow. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Check the stinger to water box coupler.

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    will do. the water was spraying up from what looked like the right side of the ski down there (opposite side of the stinger coupler) but if it was spraying at the right angle that may be right on.

    Quick question.. where does the water outlet go that is on the top of the stinger facing the rear of the ski? I think it goes out an opening next to the shaft...

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    if I think I get the spray solved, can I run it on the hose to find out?? Or do I have to drive to the lake? Hate to drive back and forth for trial and error. Is there enough water pressure on the hose?

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    anyone know if there is enough water pressure in the exhaust using the hose to see a water leak in the exhaust?

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    You could always try it before you fix it and see if it is leaking on the hose.

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    thanks. found a waterline on the front of the exhaust manifold not hooked up. thought I checked evertying twice. no more leaks on the hose, heading out to the water to test. Not sure how the water looked like it was coming from the back of the engine compartment... this sprays straight forward. we will see i guess. thanks again.

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