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    slh 700 calling all Guru's I'm floundering!!

    Ok let me start with the easy.. I have a 99 slh 700.. Has 120 hours fresh rebuild. Just bought the ski, apparently it spent most of it's life in Salt water. The previous owner was a tard and never flushed it. The engine boggs down from idle to mid when you try and go! If you feather it it will take off and hall arse.. Stop and sit it's hard to start, choke the hell out of it and it starts all over again...
    Easy enough right!! Low speed circut..So I thought... Here is where I need you guys, beerdart, ph2. Anyone??. helppppp!!!!!

    I have rebuilt the carbs 5 times.. (done this cause I figured I missed something) haven't replaced the low speed adjustment needles.. One has a slight bit of wear to the tip. (Normally doesnt cause this much of an issue.) But am ordering one today. compression is 150-140. Replaced all fuel lines, vents, shutoff.. Made sure I rewired the cdi to power down correctly. Pulled the reeds, found one that would open slightly when how. So I installed a new set of boysens. Checked for intake leaks, seals everything seems fine. I know the problem is fuel related, (or so it seems).
    Since this thing is a salt monster. I have noticed the expansion chamber has a crack on the left side right above the exhaust manifold. which under a load in a test tank does squirt a little water out. Could this cause any kind of an issue???
    While trying to adjust the carbs (only low speed) I have noticed that is is very difficult to set. meaning stock setting is 1-7/8 but you end up at 2.50-2.3/4 before you hear much of a change. Also while running 1450 in a tank at idle out of water is 2250 or better.. Am I missing something, aside from ordering another set of carbs.. I am getting flustered.. I have never had one kick my dog like this.. No fuji's, domestic, rav motors, or injected.. I need a few ideas.. Thanks guys....

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    Cracked exhaust will cause all kinds of problems if it leaking into the exhaust.

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    Excuse my ignorance But doesn't water go through there anyway? I am trying to get one from Zig.. I kinda have the bad feeling that may be 90% of the problem. Just has me scratching my head when it comes to when the problem chimes in. . Just have never had one act this way.. BTW, been a while Dart.. Thanks for diving in..

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    Depending an where and how much water is injected into the exhaust stream will change the tune of the pipe. Not saying that this is your problem but it is possible.

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    Well, I am going to start the teardown again.. I think I am going to replace the carbs just for corrosion reasons, I know alot of people have this issue so I will include the best pics possible..Will take pictures of the cracks when I get it down also.. This issue is really jerking my knot. There is Nothing like have the talk with your wife when she shutsoff with a babywith her in from of a 40 ft liner and can't get it started..

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    If you have to choke it to go its a fuel problem for sure(after its hot and stops ,you said choke it to start) so try looking in the inlet fuel fitting,and flushing thru it while carbs are apart,check to be sure the fuel pumps or pump on carb that valves are seating its possible that its sucking air from seal in petcock(on off fuel switch) did you put vent check valve in backward?????,pull the pickup hoses out of tank,mant times I have seen a pinhole or two in the pickup line inside fuel tank,it is normal for ski to idle twice the rpm out of water as in the water 1250 rpm in water 2500 out,etc.Yours is a fuel problem without doubt however if water from cracked pipe squirts on spark plugs it will die also.I'm betting since you said salt water that problem is in fuel selector(plugged up or leaking air)fuel filter gasket is bad or not seated correctly )I can go on and on, as I have seen 50 different fuel supply problems from fuel tank,to check valves to carbs,If you want to isolate carbs,first check fuel pickups in fuel tank (not just visually )pull a a suction on the hose by pinching it off at bottom,and sucking on open end of tube,it should not leak,then run a fuel line directly from tank to carb fuel pump inlet,bypassing on ,off ,valves,filters etc.if it runs fine you have isolated your problem, if it runs bad ,your problem is in last possibility fouled spark plugs and or weak coils that break down when hot, very doubtful!!!hope this helps>Marvin

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    return line

    pull the return line off the carbs,start it and see if fuel comes out the brass fitting,usually just dribbles out.theres a small restriction cast into the front carb body that can clog

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    Problem ski

    It most likely has a few small problems..It probably has leaky crank seals, and low compression. The crankseals contribute to hard startng and the low compression reduces the vacum the pulls the fuel into the crankcase. Pull the flywheel cover and see how much goop is inside. You can also go up 1 full step on the low speed jets and see what happens.


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    Well thanks for the replies.. Ski has a new engine, new crank, seals etc.. I have checked them for leaks and founf them to be ok.. ALL of the fuel lines have been replaced along with the vents, and selector. I installed another pipe, although the wrong one (this on was from a slt did not have the cutout for the fiberglass so it rattles like a Biotch) But I picked up 10 mph and it runs better but still has the low speed start problem. the ski now runs 52 mph with my 235 pd self.. It is stupid fast. But it still stumbles. I am sure i may have missed something simple. I really think it is how the salt ate all the aluminum. Possibly where the low speed needles orings seat to the carb.. ??? Anyone have a dencent set of carbs? I got the pipe from Zieg, Super nice guy.. Shipped fast.. Not sure what I am going to do about the cutout not being there.. Thought about taking it to someone who has a tig welder, but may not be worth it..

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