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    Bimini Road Rally Recap

    Hello destination riders,

    Here is a link to a short video recap of this year's Bimini Road Rally event. We thank all of those who participated in this years ride and all of those who helped make it the best BRR event yet.

    Thank you
    WaterTop Staff
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    We saw the Watertop guys in Bimini

    Many people have inquired about our trip after the videos and the Bimini thread on Greenhulk.

    My wholehearted recomendation is to go with Watertop next year. The level of planning & expertise that this trip requires is far more than most are willing or able to devote. Never mind the safety aspects; in less than perfect conditions we would not have attempted the crossing... Watertop can go in somewhat poorer conditions than we were lucky to get.

    My company runs a luxury charter boat in the Bahamas, so I am quite familiar the islands... but we still lost half of the first day when we did not like our accomodations.

    Watertop charges a little over $2,000 for the four days, I spent over $900 for a two night trip... and we didn't have a chase boat.

    Be safe and go with these guys,


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