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    Trailer Safety Chains

    Good information attached over trailer safety chains.
    I found it on Shorelandr's website, but applies to trailers in general.

    Safety Chains
    The safety chains on your trailer are an added insurance that it will
    not become detached from the tow vehicle. ShoreLand’r provides
    all safety chains with an added clasp to keep them from becoming
    accidentally detached from the tow vehicle. Your trailer hitch on
    the tow vehicle should have two attaching holes or rings for attaching
    the safety chains, preferably one on each side of the ball
    hitch. Contact your dealer or Midwest directly if your hitch is not
    equipped with safety chain attaching points as indicated.
    Crisscross the chains under the tongue: the chain on the left side
    of the trailer tongue attached to the right side of the ball hitch; the
    chain on the right side of the trailer tongue attached to the left side
    of the ball hitch.
    This prevents the trailer tongue from dropping to the road should
    the coupler or ball hitch fail. The chains should be rigged as tight
    as possible with just enough slack to allow tight turns to be made.
    This can be accomplished by twisting the chain hook in a clockwise
    or counterclockwise direction, thus twisting the link spacing and
    making the chain shorter. Also by keeping your chains as short as
    possible, you prevent them from dragging on the road and wearing
    the chain links.
    If for any reason you find it necessary to replace a safety chain, use
    only original equipment.

    Failure to properly attach safety chains between the
    trailer and tow vehicle can result in a runaway trailer.

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    This *shouldnt* happen with pwc trailers, but a word of experience:

    My mom was pulling a loaded two horse trailer, (with horses, of course)

    Trailer has a 2-5/16 hitch, truck only had a 2" ball. She was unaware of this.

    During the ride, trailer came loose from the truck, passed her on the freeway, went through a median, across the oncoming lanes, and finally into a ditch.

    Luckily, no collision occured, and everyone (including horses) were fine.


    I've even been told by TxDOT that it's state law to crisscross your trailer safety chains.

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    Safety chains do not always work and they snap...also 8 states do not have a safety

    Please go to and take note that
    8 states do not have a SAFETY chain law.

    Also......Safety Chains often snap....they will not hold.

    They get rusted....they drag....they get compromised.

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