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    fuel baffel bottom fell in take

    Can I just leave it and the float in the tank? I don't really want to pull the tank, I know the bottom of the baffel has a filter, but how much does it really filter out.

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    u can leave it in, it has fell out twice on my xp, i got smart the 3rd time and melted the plastic on the cap shut, jsut enought to keep the cap in place thought. Its not gonna keep it on permanent haha but it dosent filter much of anything . You should be fine as long as u keep ut fuel line filter clean

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    Sure, how about dropping in a few rags and some marbles too. Filters are there for a reason They don't fall out unless the filter screen or the bottom of the baffle is broken, as they snap together.


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    If it's on a pre 97 they were bad about falling off when trailering with the fuel tank empty. The filter screen is as relevant as the crap in your gas cans. If they are clean then the tank will stay clean.

    It's not a big deal, but I would fish it and snap it back together. Then don't trailer it below 3/8 of a tank. Then she'll never fall out.

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