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Thread: Large Scratch

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    Large Scratch

    Hey Guys!

    Just noticed this large gouge out of the front of the hull today.
    Have no idea when it got there, probably within the last week or two.

    Whats the best way to repair this? Can my Sea Doo retailer fix that up?

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    That's not too bad, but you need a little gelcoat work.
    You can do it yourself or any boat repair shop can do this for you. Personally, I don't screw around with gelcoat myself, it takes a little experience and practice to do a perfect job so I usually let a pro handle it for a few bucks.

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    Just throw some Marinetex on it.Buy it at any marine supply store.

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    Thanks for the replies.
    So that marintex will fill the huge gouge right up?

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    You can also try this company, the sell small repair kits that are the exact color match for your seadoo.

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    you can do it

    Go to the site Center87 suggested. Call them if you want, I did and they were helpful. I had a 7" gouge, about 1/4 to 1/2" wide, down thru the gelcoat into the fiberglass. I bought from them, they actually supply Seadoo so you can get an exact color match. Don't be mistaken,all whites are not the same. This goes for all colors. I did my repair in several stages and it came out real good. My gouge was in direct view as the rear got caught under a metal dock, and if I don't point it out you wouldn't know. You'll need some patience for the repair to look good. Good luck.

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