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    TXi Fuel Pump circuit breaker

    Replaced the fuel pump in my 01' TXi with a used pump from a 02' Virage I. The part number for the fuel pump is the same for all injected models from 99' to 04'. Have towed the ski back to the dock twice now after about a 30 minute run. The pump breaker keeps popping. Opened the electrical box and found a 5 amp breaker for the pump. This agrees with the 2001 manual and electrical diagram. Now comes the kicker. When you look up the parts, the breaker is listed as a 15 amp. Checked the 02' manual and electrical diagram. It also shows it as a 15 amp breaker.

    So which one is right??????? Makes a difference with wire size. Will check wire size on my 02' TXi.

    Am installing a new pump along with a new 15 amp breaker.

    By the way, believe it when you hear that you have to block off the water inlet when you tow. Had to clean out the engine after the 2nd tow. Have run it a couple of hours, so think all the water is out of it. Now carry a set of channel-lock pliers in the ski.........just in case.

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    Did you fog it after you ran it ?Need to give it a heavy fog especially if its going to be a week before you use it again or you will be changing some crank bearings .Tip some oil down the inlet to cover the crank bearings and wind it over with out the plugs in (by hand).Bit messy but needed .I would use 10 amp first to see if that holds the current .then move to 15 if you have to


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    I don't have the manuals handy, or I would look it up...

    Are we talking about a fuse, or a circuit breaker?

    If it is a breaker, why couldn't you just reset the breaker and keep riding?

    My suspicion is that one of the electrical connections right at the breaker (or fuse) is not electrically solid, and it is overheating the protection device.

    Pull the connections apart that the breaker or fuse is directly connected to, and check for corrrosion, a weak wire end crimp, or anything else that looks less than pefect.

    The other thing to do is trace the power wire that runs to the fuel pump, and look for a worn or kinked spot that could be shorting, anywhere along the wire.

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    Got the ski running for about an hour after oiling the cylinders. Removed the intake and borescoped the crackcase. No water!!! Putting it back together and will test this weekend.

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