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    Visalia, Ca

    plasma, lcd, or projector??

    Well my 3 year old POS looks like it is taking a $hit. Someone is comming over this afternoon to take a look, it they quote too much I'm going to get me a new tv, but not a mitsubishi.

    I'm just sick of this thing, if it costs more then 500 to fix I'll be in the market for the biggest and best quality for ~3K.

    I went to the "speciality" store I bought it from and the lady tries telling me I need new batteries in the remote.....WTF????

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    I have an LCD. Was told that they are better for games.

    Frankly i dont play many games, but i have a small, rather dark tv room, and i felt the plasma would absolutly kill my eyes. Its a good looking TV, and combind with the HD cable its phenomonal. Made by Westinghouse, so not a super brand name, but does the trick.

    Projections old school(imo)

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    Projections do a great job in HD, good in analog and digital format. Most plasma do a better job in HD but not as good with the other signals. Something with the way the lines per inch get converted. Make the sales person show you what they all look like with different imput signals. Really depends on the signal you will be using. That is my 2cents on it.

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    Go with the lcd

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    By projector I was meaning a projector with pull down screen similar to the movies.

    Fortunately (for the wife) Unfortunately (for me) the repair guy fixed it and lightened my wallet by $360. He said some of the switches on the front panel had to be replaced, but I think he just had to reset or reseat something inside the TV. I can say that he his soldering job on those two switches that he "replaced" is a job I would have been failed for in High School.

    I was kind of looking for an excuse for a new TV....oh well

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    Let me know what size you want of either Toshiba, Sony, or Pioneer and I'll give you a killer deal. I don't want Jerry to get mad at me though for selling on his site. So Jerry, we should talk about shared profits and selling to Greenhulk members.

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    Projectors are nice, offer a great picture for the price.....but you need a dark room. Mine has a high brightness, but you really need a dark room to get the best pic. I actually use the proj for movies, sports, video games....and have a 32" LCD on a swing arm for most everything else.
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    Thumbs up Projector 4 sure

    Wow! Hey lurker nice to see a local from cali literaly from visalia. very cool just in time to gather some much needed input on the new purchase 06RXTx2 Maya Gold w/Blk Zieman.
    could realy use any input on extended warranty Pkgs. im leaving for Whittier Fun Center on Sunday to take delivery of PWC Pkg.
    i have also most recently completted a whole house audio video system with 6 zones and 4 sattilites recievers. 5 zones are controlled Via Niles Ts1 Touchscreens and a dedicated theater room with 42" flushmount Sony xbr plasma and MX3000 touchscreen master remote.
    pretty awesome all components are remote rack mounted in closet.
    i would recomend the website for excellent theater applicationes.

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    LCD all the way. Plasma when it goes,,throw it. Projection now at half the cost has come a long assss way.

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    i have a plasma, they have improved on them and i think its life is 10,000 hours. dont get projection if you ahve alot of windows in the room you will be watching, it interfers with the projection going form the projector to the screen.

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