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    Still need help 2000 slx polaris 1200

    My little slx last year was cruising right along when all of a sudden my speed got reduced to 1/2(@ full throttle). you can search my pld post from last year to catch up.

    This year I did a compresion test on all 3 cyl and was reading 120 any new ideas to check.

    I was looking for a fuel filter and so far the only filter i found wwas the water/fuel seprator. The manual ssays that there is a fuel filter but I am unable to laocate it, any help or any ideas would be greatly appreciated

    (and yes i am an ametuar at this stuff)


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    Your fuel/water separator should have the filter built in. Its' a screen type strainer. Did ya have a flashing led/ fault on the display?

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    onyl when i first started but thn any flashiing lights stop

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    It sounds like your ski has gone into limp mode.The things that make this happen are the heat sensor(this is located in the exhaust pipe),low fuel or low oil.My Virage TX did this and the red light would flash and the ski would run half throttle and sputter.The way I fixed it was to trace the heat sensor wire from the exhaust all the way back under the engine,and I found that the wire had melted against the exhaust and was shorting out.Fixed that and no more trouble.

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    thanks for the tip i will go right now and see what i am able to find

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