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Thread: Sick 03 Fx140

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    Sick 03 Fx140

    I installed a Riva free flow exhaust and dug out the flame arrestors on the intake...........Now 5k rpm is WOT and the computer is displaying an "01" normal code. Tried running it with the air filter out and made no difference. Plugs look good....Idles fine when completely warmed up. Vaccum hoses on the bypass valve motor are plugged in their correct spots. Acts like it is starving for fuel.....This is a 22hr ski

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    Plugs were the culprit.....They didn't look bad at all,changed them for heck of it....Problem solved.

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    sell me your v stacks! just kidding. getting in my 20 some posts. so i can try to find some used v stacks for a fx ho.

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    I just plucked out the ribbons and reinstalled the oem stack and installed a riva filter.....

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    ahhh, i need the aluminum v stacks to weld to a plenum so i can turbo my mr-1 engine. seing how riva already made them im not re inventing the wheel. just modifying it.

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