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    I need a battery for a 98 zxi 1100.

    where do i get one? how much are they usually?

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    Walmart has the agm batteries for about $70. I have them in all 3 of mine. Remember you want a sealed battery not a motorcycle battery with a vent tube.

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    now why would you want a walmart battery when you could get an odessy for a few bucks more?..or at least an interstate made in usa battery agm for about the same money.

    Nuthin against walmart, but last thing we need is more Chinese lead..

    without doubt +1 on the ventless battery, besides less chinese lead, you don't want to deal with the wonders of battery electrolyte

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    Odyssey FTW!

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    got an interstate one today for $67 from the parts store next door to my work. got it at our discount cuz we have a account there.

    also one more quick question. do they sell the hose hook up to start them out of the water or do i have to make one? the lady i bought the ski off of didnt have it.

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    O'Reilly's Auto Parts sells a sealed battery that has REAL lugs on it. Not those stupid little lead 'cages' that you put a nut into, but a real lug that you can put a bolt in and tighten. They're about $90-100.

    Keep a trickle charger on your battery all the time you're not using the 'Ski. Plug the charger into a timer so it only runs about 15 minutes per day. Even an automatic trickle charger will overcharge your battery and ruin it. I'm still running the original battery in my Ultra 150--my 1999 Ultra 150!

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