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    99 XL1200 LTD bogging

    Hello All,

    Broke out the waverunner for the first time this year. Just installed the wave eater clips but the ski is bogging. We were going just as normal for about 2-4 minutes and then started bogging. Seemed like it was fuel related or something but giving it full throttle did nothing. I put it in reverse and it was a little sluggish at first and then started screaming like it would normally. Took it home and took all the fuel out and replaced with fresh even though I did put stabalizer in but I'm just grasping here. took it out to test again and at first again things seemed fine. But then started bogging again. I let it idle a little bit and hit the gas and things are good for a second and then bogging again. Powervalves were pretty gross.....not sure if this could be related, carb related or i was even thinking the check valve on the gas tank causing pressure problems. Up on land when flushing it sounds as normal as can be when giving her gas but difference is I don't sustain the throttle as in the water in fear of blowing her up.
    Thanks everyone.

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    sounds like carbs. issue. Time to get them rebuild.

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    I am having the same issue with my 2001 GPR, it runs great on trailer but all it will due is bog in the water.

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    pour your fuel filter in a clean container and see if there is water, then check you rear carb. acc. pump linkage and see if its not stuck, if you see any water its time to rebuild carbs and clean tank

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    i've got a water seperator and it was clean. next checking the fuel filter and check valve. Taking the carbs off sux so it may go to the dealer as last time we did it we put a crack in the exhaust which we had to jb weld. Seems like it could be check valve related as well since when the prob occurs if i idle it for a bit i can get up and go again for a short while. Maybe pressure comes back in the tank. I dunno. This thing has been nothing but a headache since i bought it. Could be a power valve issue to. I just put wave eater clips on. I have not taken them off to see if it makes a difference. Not sure why it would but that is the only thing that has changed since it was winterized. I did reinspect them and they look fine. I could grasp at straws forever....could be electric....who knows.

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    carbs were clean but i am running a new post now unfortunately. "Here we go again" for those interested.

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