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    Post FS: Used: Tony Hawk Helmet Cam

    For Sale: Tony Hawk Helmet Cam. I have used this a few times since 2006. Been a good helmet cam for just basic video while riding. Picture quality is subpar, but for the price, its adequate.

    $30.00 shipped

    Tony Hawk HelmetCam
    This little integrated, solid state helmetcam system has been out for about 6 months now. This is another example of a Round 1 Helmet Camera system. The price for the Tony Hawk HelmetCam from Digital Blue is definitely good for a Round 1 entry. The specs are geared towards the entry-level / teen market: 15 fps, 320240 “untethered” resolution, and 32mb of storage. This is really an innovative approach – very tightly integrated. The recommendation? Give this to your kid, and wait for a beefier version with NTSC resolution and 30fps. However, read on for more info about the system

    Feature Overview for the Tony Hawk Helmet Cam:
    320240 “real-world” resolution @ 15 frames per second
    Records to SD media (1GB Max supported, 32MB included).
    15 minute max clip record time
    Built-in microphone
    USB connectivity
    Uses 2 AAA batteries
    Ultra-compact size: 89mm x 197mm x 51mm (3.5 in x 1.75 in x 2.0 in)
    Lightweight: 78g (2.75 oz)
    Built-in laser for alignment

    What You Get
    Helmet Camera
    32MB SD Card
    Helmet Band Attachments
    USB Cable
    Software CD-ROM
    User Guide

    The System
    Tony Hawk revolutionized the skateboarding world with the 720 and 900 aerial, but unfortunately, the Tony Hawk HelmetCam won’t revolutionize the helmet camera world. However, keep in mind that the target consumer appears to be the younger sporting enthusiast. The video quality is very grainy, despite marketing verbiage that claims a 640X480 resolution. In reality, users will get clips that are 320240. This is because 640480 is only available in “tethered” mode, which is when the camera is directly connected to a computer (via USB). Of course, in this mode it is really acting like a web cam. When you’re out using it for typical helmet cam activities, in “untethered” mode, it only captures 320240 video. Additionally, if the processor is low on computing horsepower, movement suffers and compression quality compromises the end product, as is the case with this system. Some other things to be aware of before setting too many expectations with your son or daughter are the limited video clip length of 15 minutes and the narrow/restricted field of view. The Tony Hawk Cam is basically a toy. However, this may be just what you’re looking for.
    With that said, there are some upsides to this very modestly priced camera. The manual is complete and easy to understand in its charming ten year old speak. It comes with parental advice… “do not attempt any of the advanced tricks shown in the enclosed software until you have mastered the basics” – very considerate. Also, the camera has a separate button that allows the user to delete the last clip.

    Basically, the Tony Hawk camera lives up to its price tag and delivers the expected low-budget results as far as helmet camera systems go. You get what you pay for here, folks. Perfect for your rollerblading 8 year old. Ironically, the kids using this system could easily be filming some pretty athletic stuff compared to what their gaper (skate lingo for “unskilled”) parents are filming with their $500+ systems. A nice thing about very entry-level systems like this is that they are bound to get more people into helmet camera filming, which is exciting for us and is good for videography in general. When users of the Tony Hawk HelmetCam are ready for a real system, Helmet Camera Central can help them find what they’re looking for.
    Recording Capacity
    The Tony Hawk HelmetCam uses SD media and is limited to 1 GB recording capacity. You can expect recording times somewhere near 200 minutes on a 1GB card. Individual clips are limited to 15 minutes in length; recording will automatically stop when this limit is reached.

    The Tony Hawk HelmetCam includes a CD-ROM containing basic software for audio/video editing and video playback.
    Windows ME, 2000, XP

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    will trade for:

    • new plastic liner for GPR wear ring.
    • 12mm allen socket for RXP pump
    • 3-4" adapter; for Kanaflex
    • two new oil filters for 4-tec

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    great deal, I'm thinking

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    PM sent

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