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    How to check if rude regulator is working fine

    Hey guys,
    I am in the tuning process with my Turbo RXP> I am running a Rotax Racing ecu, rude controller, and 60 # injectors/race gas.

    My A/R at iddle is 11.1-11.2 at iddle. Is that fine or too rich?

    Now I wanted to get the a/r higher at iddle so i lowered the preasure 6 psi and nothing happened. A/R still in the 11.1-11.2 range.

    Is it suppose to make a difference or not? May the regulator is BAD?

    Let me know,

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    run this set up on your turbo and youll be able to control your afr more

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    Hector, you can check the regulator easily. Get your air compressor and set it to 10 psi. Use a blower nozzle and blow into the boost reference hose and check that your fuel pressure increases 10 psi. If it does then the regulator is functioning properly.

    With a RRFPR you are adjusting your AFR at wide open throttle, not at idle. Set it at WOT and wherever it lands at idle is where it's at.... no adjusting it.

    Miamirider gave some good input. With a BEGI and RRFPR setup you will be able to tune your AFR at idle, midrange and WOT.

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