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    92 xp carb removal

    Trying to remove carbs for rebuild on a 92 xp. Service manual says to remove 4 bolts holding rotary valve cover and then remove carbs but the 2 bottom bolts look like they are impossible to get at. I read an online instruction and it said unbolt carbs from manifold but that is really impossible while in the boat. Thanks in advance for any help. My first pwc and I don't want to make a costly mistake.

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    it is possible the only thing is you need two elbows on one arm and eyeballs at your finger tips you just have to feel your way around also taking the compac out the wife's purse and jamin it in there helped alot. the big prob is you can see it, and not tuch it and tuch it and not see it good luck i,ve taken it out but didnt have to put it back togeather

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    The Bottom / Forward one is the most difficult on any 587, 657, or 717 engine RValve Cover. Sometimes, removing the Front Oil Injection Banjo Bolt will give you clear access. I always replace those (2) Lower Bolts with 8mm Socket Head (Allen) Bolts and the original flat Washer. Getting to them the next time with a long neck, Ball End Allen Driver is a whole lot easier......

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    Thanks for the help! I got them off by using a mirror and loosening the banjo bolts so I could move the oil line out of the way. I'm going to replace the oil lines, oil filter, fuel strainer and fuel lines while I'm at it. Good idea on the allen bolts that would make it alot easier than 1/4 turn at a time with a wrench--crazy design by rotax and mikuni. They could have offset the carb bolts from the throttle shaft to make it easy to r+r them.

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    Now they won't come off the manifold! Guess I'll soak them for a few days with penetrating oil. What was I thinking buying a 17 year old pwc

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    " What was I thinking buying a 17 year old pwc "

    My guess is you were thinking, "Wow, what a Great Deal, and with a little wrenching, I'll be on the lake this afternoon" !

    The "little wrenching" part was the sellers motivation to give you the "Great Deal" part..

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    Quote Originally Posted by raylesk View Post
    Now they won't come off the manifold! Guess I'll soak them for a few days with penetrating oil. What was I thinking buying a 17 year old pwc
    Heat + Liquid Wrench = worx everytime..

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    Got em off today with heat and pb blaster but then I had to deal with the screws on the carbs!! Finally got them with my 18v impact driver without snapping any. then the bad news--all the diaphrams and some gaskets are bad so I guess I'm spending another $100 or so! The worst part is the wait guess I'm not getting to the lake this week. Can't wait to get to servicing the pump or replacing the steering cable!!

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    Have been using it for a few days now and it runs really well except after shutoff it is hard starting--have to hold throttle wide open and crank for a few seconds to clear it out so I'm assuming that one or both needle and seats need replacement--the only parts I didn't replace! I can't believe that rebuild kits are $100 and you don't get needle and seat.
    Thanks for all the help!

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    N/S's are about $25/ea. and usually don't go bad. I think you need to look somewhere else for your present problem.

    Be sure you have a *solid* Hot Spark Kernal on the Plugs

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