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    RXP 08 spec supercharger and hose clamps!

    alright i have an 05 rxp almost riva stage 2 without the intercooler with a blow off valve and rear exhaust.. Im looking to see if i can get away installing an R&d supercharger impeller (c2,c3,c4 or c5) can my ski habdle this? what should i be looking to do next for more performance? i ride ocean in florida its 90+ riding weather will i loose dependability with incressed boost??

    PS today i broke an exhaust hose clamp and it started filling the ski with water also it was under the exhaust and a pain in the a** to fix while i was out on the water. i spray my engine with XP or T9 everytime i ride and the clamp was barely rusted but broke in a week spot (narrow part of the clamp) this is the second time this happened to me (2 different places on my exhaust.. anyone ever have this happen? the clamps look cheap ya there stainless but they just dont cut it!! anyone use anything different? i hear there are titanium clamps out there ever try them? what do u guys think?? and dont say clean it better............because I DO EVERYTIME I RIDE!!!!

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    I too would like to get some feedback on this. I have seen this happen twice and 10" of saltwater in the bottom of a hull is pretty scary when your offshore. Both clamps were 5/8" stainless and factory installed...

    PS Speed is relative to $$$, how fast do you want to go?
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