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Thread: 250x Underwater

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    Question 250x Underwater

    Has anyone else experienced this?
    I have searched the web and the forum and wasn't able to find anything.

    I am able to completely submerge my 250x on command!

    While playing in the water - Just turn sharp and gas the nose down into the water... You will get a wave of water over you... A little or a lot...
    The WHOLE THING will go under if you want! It's almost a little freaky how far under it will go!!! Too much stinkin power for it's own good!!
    Is it supposed to do this? Is it safe? I've never gotten any water inside.
    It says pretty dry!

    Jet Ski or Submarine???

    Any thoughts? Comments?

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    I did a submarine dive on my Ultra freaky stuff.
    No water inside.
    Mind you i did it in fresh water.

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    Did it the first run I ever took on it. Going up river in some nice size winter water. Up one rapid, nose poited down, I PULLED and all I saw was water... Poped up and kept going grinnen like a fool with river water in my mouth... Ski was fine...

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    Me too. It is sorta wild. I usually do after a fuel fill up to clean up any spillage on the cowling.

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