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    Hole in my Hull! GTX wrecked on Rocks!

    Here is another warning on letting someone borrow your Ski! DON'T! Nobody cares about your ski but you!


    I let a 17 year old in-law ride my ski and he is riding fast in a shallow area and hits a rock and puts a fist sized dent (not quite a hole because it didn't breach the hull and spill water inside), but it definitely busted up the fiberglass and is as close as you can get to seeing inside of the ski.

    I figure I can get some fiberglass mat and fix it, but I'm wondering if there is a trick to applying and drying it without turning the ski upside down. I'm thinking I can turn it on its side and apply, and I was told I could use wax paper to hold it in place.

    Any ideas?

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    This sounds extreme, but take a Die Grinder and cut a couple slices directly across the "dent". This will vent the Styrofoam filled "void" between the outer gel coated Hull surface and the inner F-glass Hull (bilge area).

    If possible, tilt the trailer down to allow water between the laminations to drip out. This may take several days since water was most likely forced in between the laminations while running back to the ramp. It must be *completely* dry before you attempt any fix.

    I had a situation (which sounds less extreme than yours) that required the Fuel Tank to be removed in order to inspect the inside of the Hull for damage.

    After the inside of the Hull was fully accessible I took this ski to a pro who showed me that even though the damage appears at first to be located in just one spot (of the impact),,, "spider cracks" will radiate outward for several inches in all directions. These cracks can come back to haunt you in the form of delamination if they aren't dealt with as part of the fix. He also set up heat lamps on the inside of the Hull to assist in the drying process.

    Can you post some pictures ? It's hard to get a feel for the extent of damage from a keyboard.

    In any case, if this is as bad as you say, I would bite the bullet and pay the deductible for your insurance and have a pro do the repair. It may be more than it appears. Hitting a "submerged object" will not increase your insurance premium with most companies.

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