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    Broken speedo on 08 RXTX

    Well i was riding the other day when my speedo stopped working. After getting to dock i noticed the plastic wheel broke off the shaft. It wasnt damaged due to obstructions or anything. i was in over 30ft of water when it happened. To top it all off i take it to the stealership and they say that its not covered under warranty. It is a normal wear and tear item. The ski is brand new with 22 hours on it. The part is 130 bucks. I am tired of going 0 MPH on my new ski, but i think that it should be fixed. Any suggestions???

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    Did they show you where in the warranty it's not covered if not call the warranty folks direct and find out.

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    It sounds like they are saying: "If it moves, it's not covered. If it gets wet, it's not covered. If it is out in the sun, it's not covered. If you paid good money for it, it's not covered." ... Ron

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