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    Is there not a how to for an oil change?

    I searched the Polaris forums and the How To's but couldn't ever find a thread or write up on how to go about changing the oil. I was thinking there would be some way to drain it out? Any way to flush the motor?

    I'd like to change it on my Virage 700 ASAP. I'd appreciate any help being pointed in the right direction. Thanks guys/gals!

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    Isn't your 700 a 2 stroke?

    If it is, the oil is mixed in with the fuel.

    Either by an oil pump, or premix if the pump was removed.

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    There's no oil to change.

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    You have to be kidding me

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    Quote Originally Posted by 32DegH2O View Post
    There's no oil to change.
    Ha! I appreciate it. Just bought it yesterday. Never owned a PWC. We all gotta learn sometime....

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